Linda Montellano Werner

After reading The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer back in October 2007 where the inside cover exalted the hemp plant for "food, fuel, and fashionable attire," it was clear to Linda that there was a serious void in the fashion world of hemp. Jack's book, the lack of fashionable hemp clothing, and an unwavering desire to make a difference, was all Linda needed to set her off on her journey to educate through fashion.linda

Linda, more a visionary than a designer, immersed herself in all things fashion and hemp for the last three years. The expertise she garnered through her focused attention on hemp textiles has translated into a debut collection of women's clothing that surprises even the most discerning "fashionista." Growing up the daughter of a talented seamstress who worked in the Los Angeles garment industry, Linda approaches her reignited passion with nostalgia and respect for the craft and its craftsmen and women. Linda recruits and works with some of the most creative and influential forces in the industry. With a natural eye and magnetism for talent, Linda envisions a company that serves as a hub where the most talented and creative forces can collaborate to serve a common greater good.

While fashion is the medium that Linda uses to communicate her activism, it is apparent to anyone that comes in contact with her that Substance is not just another clothing line. Linda takes 20 years of experience working at the prestigious Keck School of Medicine at USC and uses it as a cornerstone for her passion to educate and create thought provoking dialogues about the history of hemp, why hemp became illegal, how hemp can help save our economy and eventually, our planet! Think Substance is a direct result of the enthusiasm, passion and love Linda has for spreading the knowledge she found while reading The Emperor Wears No Clothes. It is just like Linda to create clothes "suitable for an emperor" to get her message across.